Seoul. 13.08.21

In the foreground is a residential brick house. To the left are concrete stairs. High-rise buildings stand in the distance against the backdrop of a blue sky, with some clouds within it.
Evidence that I am, truly, in Seoul.
A zoomed in image of a yoga mat. Against a dark black-blue foam background, there is the subtle outline of someone’s oily/creamy hand-print.

Part II.

So, fine. Some blood had rushed to my head, and — all told — my thighs had been moved enough to feel snappable. So, I return two steps away to the kitchen where I’ve left (note that cute present-tense immersion) a bowl of that liquid package pancake stuff (just add water vibes) in a cute lil’ bowl (yes, I love the word cute! Almost as expressive as “nice”), ready to level up again. For context, my food consumption yesterday included: Maltesers; KitKat bites; buttered nuts (Again!); and brioche bread (I can’t lie writing all that sugar out loud makes me feel ill, and feels a touch blasphemous, too. Ew @me).

“It was fucking popcorn” indeed. & FINE, it was ME. Just me.
Even more embarrassing: this second popcorn pic is attempt no.50000 (or maybe 50001) at making those bloody kernels explode deliciously, or just. edible-y.
A shiny silver pan sits on top of a black induction hob. In the pan, to the left is a thick white blob which is uncooked pancake mix. The rest of the bottom of the pan, where there is no pancake mix, is brown due to some burnt/caramelised residue from where the pancake mix once was. At the top of the image, there is a burnt wooden spatula lying on the rim of the pan. To the right of the image, one of the hobs’ circular tops is empty.
A zoomed in image of a loaf of rectangular bread. It is dark brown, with raised, floury sections. In the distance/below the bread, a bit of a brown paper bag is seen, as well as — to the left — the black surface of an induction hob.
My land-lady’s sweet bread gift!
In a white bowl, there is a creamy coloured liquid pancake mix. Towards the bottom of the image, the handle of a silver fork sticks out of the mixture.
A zoomed in image of the bottom of a burnt pan. To the left, the shiny silver surface of the pan is visible. The image is taken up, however, by the bottom of the pan, where there is a mix of white pancake mix, and brown and black burnt residue beneath it.
It’s burning! Like London, 1666!
Zoomed in image of a dark, somewhat burnt, and scratched pan. In the pan sits a very lumpy blob of pancake mix. It is floury and very uneven with lots of air pockets.
When I say blob, I mean blob. When I say pulp, I mean pulp.
Zoomed in detail of a red 465g tub of Maltesers, where part of the brand name “esers” is showing. The text “the lighter way to enjoy chocolate” is visible.
Not “lighter” at all. Heavy. Dangerous. Threat to public health. Let’s also ignore the fact that I am quarantining alone and this was 465g of chocolate.



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